St. John the Apostle & St. Jude the Apostle

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Youth Group Activities
Mission Trip 
Grundy, Virginia
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Steubenville Summer Youth Conference
Steubenville, Ohio
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National Catholic Youth Conference
Indianapolis, November 18-20, 2021
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Contact  Dean Wells​
Altar Boy Training
Extraordinary Form Mass
Training sessions are being prepared for an 8-10 week course (meeting once a week).
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Schedule for Week of May 3 - May 9

New Weekday Schedule
Monday *New Mass Time*
8:00am Confession
8:30am Mass
(St. John the Apostle)
5:00pm Confession
5:30pm Mass
(St. John the Apostle)
5:30pm Confession
6:00pm Mass
(St. Jude)
Thursday (1st Friday Schedule)
8:30am Confession
9:00am Mass
(St. Jude)
5:00pm Confession
5:30pm Mass
Adoration: Start After Mass
(St. John the Apostle)
Friday (1st Friday Schedule)
Adoration Concludes with Mass
8:30am Mass
Weekend Masses
Saturday  May 8
11:00AM - Latin Mass (Missa Cantata)
(St. John the Apostle)
4:30PM - Confession
5:00PM - Vigil Mass
(St. John the Apostle)
Sixth Sunday of Easter
Sunday  May 9
7:00AM - Confession
7:30AM - Mass
(St. John the Apostle)
8:45AM - Confession
9:15AM - Mass
Coffee & Donuts After Mass
(St. John the Apostle)
11:00AM - Mass

Confession after Mass

(St. Jude)
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30 minutes prior to Mass or by appointment (812) 876-1974. 

(St. John the Apostle)
Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament begins on the eve of the first Friday of the month immediately after the 5:30pm Mass and concludes with mass Friday morning at 8:30am.
Parishioners may continue to mail their very appreciated donations to the church:

​St. John the Apostle

4607 W. State Road 46

Bloomington, IN  47404

Archdiocese of Indianapolis

Guidance and Reminders for Liturgical Celebrations

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Extraordinary Form Mass Schedule 
St. John the Apostle
First Saturday of the month
Dominican Rite
7:30 am
(Dominican Friars)
Third Saturday of the month
Latin Rite
7:30 am
(Fr. Duvelius)

Altar Boy Training Materials for the Latin Mass

Missals for the Latin Rite Mass

Mass of the Ages: How Tradition Will Restore the Church

This is a documentary film about the beauty of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. Please click this link Mass of the Ages to read more about this effort.

Holy Rosary

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(Monday & Saturday)

(Tuesday & Friday)

(Wednesday & Sunday)


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