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St. John’s Caring Community Brings You a Prayer Support Team


All know the power of prayer and what it can do for us individually and collectively.  As a Church others will know us by our love and caring for one another.  St. John’s is committed to bringing more prayer to and for our members and others.  The Prayer Support Team outlined below is a part of that.  Know that you can always turn to the Team for prayer. 


Mission:  To expand prayer support at St. John the Apostle, with the intent of praying for those who request immediate prayer, and to pass along requests to the Prayer Warriors Group, to publish where appropriate.


Expanding The Vision:  Many members come to the Mass with burdens of their own, or burdens for others.  These burdens may be in the physical realm, spiritual realm, financial realm, emotional realm, or other concerns.  Often times members will ask the Priest at the end of Mass to pray for them, or for others.  Many just leave and do not tell anyone of their burdens.  This becomes a very awkward time where there is a line of people trying to shake Fathers’ hand, and leave the Church building.  This can result in the member feeling disconnected, and can give the appearance that no one cares.


It is very desirable to have a Prayer Table set up in the back of church where Father can direct those with prayer needs.  It is envisioned the table would be manned after each Saturday and Sunday Mass, with members who are sensitive and compassionate to others sufferings and needs.  Since the person stopping by the Prayer Table either has a burden them self, or has a burden for someone else, the Prayer Support Team person manning the table will ask if they want immediate prayer. They will be willing to pray for that person before they leave the Church. This is the prime time to connect with that person.  


You Are Invited: Come visit the Prayer Table after Mass for immediate prayer and/or make your request in the Request For Prayer Book.  This book is a common media located in the back of the Church.  It is used by members and guests to request prayers.  Giving your name, email, or phone is optional. You can even remain anonymous. It is also used to give a Praise Report in thanks to God for answered prayers.   


You may also request your Prayer Request or Praise Report be Published.  That is, passed along to the Prayer Warriors Group via E-Mail for additional prayer. They will respect your wishes.  The Holy Spirit is a perfect gentleman and always meets your needs


You are also invited to add your name to the E-Mail List as a Prayer Warrior by answering the question on the Prayer Request--Praise report.  


The Holy Spirit may be leading you to get involved in a ministry such as this. It is very rewarding praying for others.  Every team member receives orientation and training, and has other teammates to help. We especially need team for the 7:30 AM Sunday Mass. Your prayers for our team members are greatly appreciated. 

Interested?  See Paul Heerdink 


May this new program further connect us as members of the Body of Christ. May God bless you!  


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