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"The whole liturgical life of the Church revolves around the Eucharistic sacrifice and the sacraments.  There are seven sacraments in the Church…Jesus’ words and actions during his hidden life and public ministry were already salvific, for they anticipated the power of his Paschal mystery.  They announced and prepared what he was going to give the Church when all was accomplished.  The mysteries of Christ’s life are the foundations of what he would henceforth dispense in the sacraments, through the ministries of his Church, for ‘what was visible in our Savior has passed over into his mysteries." 

CCC 1114-1115



Call Parish Office at 876-1974 for more information.


First Eucharist

Please call the Parish Office at (812) 876-1974 



Father is usually in the confessional 20-30 minutes before each Mass. If the light is on, Father is available for confession.



Please call the Parish Office at (812) 876-1974 



Marriage preparation is available for registered members of St. John the Apostle.

Please contact Fr. Duvelius for an appointment at least six months before a proposed wedding date.

Anointing of the Sick

If you plan to have surgery, or are significantly ill, please call the Parish Office at 876-1974.


Holy Orders

Contact Fr. Duvelius at 876-1974 or the Office of Priestly and Religious Vocations Archdiocese of Indianapolis at (317) 236-1490.

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